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Some movement. W my gf yesterday

Didnt feel like anything but relaxing but her hands slowly got me in another mood. Started rubbing her and removed her panties to show she meant business. made her come w. my fingers twice. prolonged orgasm definitely. Reactions was good - playyng w her clit in various tempis and pressures. Orgasm seemed to last almost 20 seconds w returning peaks. Nice.

Then she went to me

inital just jerking with her nakedness towards me. felt nice. but no reactions. tried to feel what hppened and i felt almost explosions of tickelings adn shakings in/from perinium and up. But more explosions and sudden releases than anything. Like a stuck energy that gets release. Like too much. Cock slowly lost full erection and became full but more loose. we moved around a bit and suddenlig i grew again. I felt really aroused. took her around on top of me and went inside her. We fucked very close for quite ahwile. it felt good and i felt her pussy more than evr on my dick. slowly lost the feel and assumed the stifness was lost. but it came again as a result of her kissing my chest and us lying really close and really being into it

Despite not coming and a few losses of full erection it was the best sex i have had with her

its seems

- i can grow stiff again even when loosing it

- some thigns like her really kissing me on the chest seem to arouse me

- me going for her and leading makes us both immersed into it.

- I could feel her pussy more than ever and it really felt good

- generally lods of niceness and more immersed feelings of momentum was in me.

- something inside me is changing and moving more - taking action sexually and organically

- something happens in my balls/perinium but its like a stuck energy that explodes partly hurting. Maybe sexual energi/chi/arousal growing and wanting to circulate, be felt.

Dont know why. but it seems like smething is slowly wakening and that i can change it within by different things - if i flatten changing positions can help. Feeling her being into it makes me more relaxed. Maybe im slowly opening up and taking in the joy while growing my action and relaxing more

thought that maybe its really "performance anxiety" driving this...

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Nope. Arbejder og har arbejdet + læst på engelsk. taler meget engelsk. Og læser for det meste på engelsk så det er blevet det jeg primært bruger.

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